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Cybersecurity Services

Fortify Your Digital Defences with Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

At Techsolve Consulting Services Group, we take a 360-degree holistic approach to cybersecurity, building a solid security foundation for your Azure cloud and hybrid environments. Our proven methodologies, cloud native solution choices, and robust feedback loops ensure end-to-end protection.

Design Phase

Design of your Cloud Applications and workloads should be done keeping Security as one of the key design considerations right from the Design Phase. We help you infuse Security into your Design Processes using Zero-Trust Principles and Defense In-depth strategy. The Security guidance from these pillars extend from MS 365 to Azure and multi-cloud environments. We also help you implement your DevSecOps practices the right way to be assured of Secure Development Practices (SDL) from the very beginning of SDLC

Security Observability

You cannot protect what you cannot see. Observability of the cloud resources and the posture of your workloads are of paramount importance to take the necessary Proactive (Protect) and Reactive (Detect and Remediate) measures. We implement the necessary logging and monitoring mechanisms for you, be it centralized or democratized.

Security Analytics and Intelligence

We perform deep Security Analytics for all the systems that run in your Hybrid/Multi-cloud environments using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft’s SIEM and SOAR solution. Irrespective of your choice of the SIEM solution, our thorough SOC processes help in implementing UEBA (User Entity Behavioural Analytics), Threat Intelligence Integrations to understand the threats that are applicable to your sector, alert and Incident configurations. We base all the attacks analysis on MITRE ATT&CK framework. In this phase we also create the Security Chaos Engineering and Vulnerability Testing procedures and artifacts to validate the correctness of the Security controls and the reporting systems.

Remediation and Response

Our Microsoft Sentinel Ninja experts will make use of the extensive remediation runbooks and playbooks to complete the SOAR capabilities in the system. We are also on the constant lookout to use Microsoft Security Copilot in Attack analysis, incident response, reverse engineering of the attack, and generate custom remediation scripts. Our cybersecurity services utilize Microsoft's Defender products, implementing XDR across Microsoft 365 and Defender CNAPP on Azure. Proactive security measures are addressed through MCSB policies, CSPM, CASB, and CNAPP for multi-cloud setups. We also complete the security management end to end for your on-premises servers and Kubernetes workloads by Integrating with Azure Arc.

Security for Business Resiliency

Security Resilience has become an important topic that involves the CXOs understanding their readiness in dealing with Cyber-attacks, ransomware being the worst of all. In this phase we use the Microsoft’s tested and proven framework for Ransomware protection to prepare you for all the 3 phases of an attack – Before, During and After an attack. This helps you in handling situations where an attack has happened, but the business processes need to keep going to avoid financial losses at the least.