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Cloud Architecture and Design Services

Cost Optimization

Billing Account Setup for Expenses Review & Budget Management

Account Management

  • Purchase and Management of MCA Billing accounts, Profiles and Invoices


Design Resource/Cost Entity Hierarchy

  • Design of Resource Entity Hierarchy for Cost Management and Chargeback
  • Subscription and Resource group design to adhere to CAF Landing Zone Design
  • Design adhering to Regulatory Compliance Requirements, DEV/TEST/PROD environment boundaries & Shared Resources


Cost Management Taxonomy

  • Defining the tagging processes
  • Azure policies to enfore cost management tags

Design & Provision Time Considerations for Cost Optimization

Evaluation of Non-Functional Requirements against Cost Factor

  • Deep & careful assessment of Scalability, HA, Security, Data redundancy & operational requirements
  • Assesment report (Design decisions)


Choosing Right Services and Right Sizing of Resources

  • Help customers choose the right services
  • Help customers right size the services (per environment and workload)

Initial Cost Estimate & Budgets

Expense Projection & Budgets

  • Projected expenses for the agreed Design
  • Create budgets

Cost Analysis & Actions

Reactive Cost Reviews

  • Assessment of budgets against expenses
  • Configuration of Alerts
  • Budget-refining process

Proactive Cost reviews

  • Periodic Cost Analysis Sessions
  • Processing of Azure Advisor recommendations

Implementations of Cost Savings Measures

  • Automated procedures to reduce costs (all applicable environments)