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Cloud Architecture Design

Build robust cloud systems with our Cloud Architecture and Design Services. Be assured of the reliability, security, performance and safe and optimized cloud-scale processing of your systems as we use proven methods and practices from Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework.

A Scalable and Cost-Effective Approach

Our approach to building and maintaining Cloud-scale system takes care of the intricacies of complex design requirements and helps you navigate the stages between code to deployment at ease. We also cater to the individual customer requirements, classified as “brown-field” to

1. Improve the resiliency of a system currently running on the cloud.

2. Optimize Cloud expenses, implement Cost governance and educate the resources the efficient cloud utilization practices.

3. Review the code to deployment processes and help in maturing the build and deployment pipelines to include DevSecOps practices. We also help implement Health Monitoring Systems that can help your DevOps teams better manage their cloud resources

4. Implement a holistic security strategy to secure your Cloud workloads while not impacting the performance of the system, Hybrid cloud included. Refer to our cybersecurity services to understand our approach better.

Stage 1: Review

Identify areas for improvement and align your business goals with architectural best practices.

Stage 2: Design

Leverage our expert guidance to architect scalable and secure solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Stage 3: Build

Implement your cloud infrastructure using industry-leading IAC tools and technologies, ensuring high performance and resilience.

Stage 4: Deploy

Seamlessly transition your applications to the cloud with minimal disruptions, maximizing agility and cost savings.

Stage 5: Operate

Optimize and maintain your cloud environment with proactive monitoring, automation, and governance.